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RisezUp Australia Instant Interactive Internet Adverting MicroMicro Marketing
RisezUp Philippines Instant Interactive Internet Adverting MicroMicro Marketing
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RisezUp QR Code Internet Marketing Sydney Australia
Sydney Co-Operative

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RisezUp QR Code Internet Marketing Queensland Australia
BeSpoke Enterprise

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RisezUp QR Code Internet Marketing Queensland Australia
Sydney Home & Outdoor
Online (DEMO)

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RisezUp QR Code Internet Marketing For Macquarie Concrete Group Sydney
Macquarie Concrete Group Sydney

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RisezUp QR Code Internet Marketing For Macquarie Concrete Group Sydney
Fresh & Unique Quality Supermarket (DEMO)

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RisezUp QR Code Internet Marketing Pampanga Philippines

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RisezUp QR Code Internet Marketing Iloilo Philippines

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RisezUp QR Code Internet Marketing Iloilo Philippines
Eyedeas International

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Just 4 of the top benefits of 'RisezUp'



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RisezUp QR Interactive Marketing

Ready to 'RisezUp'?

The 'RisezUp' Elevator Pitch

1. 'RisezUp' is not an app. It is a dynamic QR Code based online interactive business marketing initiative that can be launched in any number of regions for any any type of business or businesses with unlimited QR Codes.  You decide the region in which you wish to list your business (alongside other businesses) or, opt for your very own 'bespoke' portal.

2. Our catchy Scan, Look, Browse, Buy or Book is as simple as it gets!! Users scan a QR code, & businesses are revealed below their respective categories. Each listing has bite-sized info, (text, & pics) allowing consumers to make an informed decision to contact you. Each 'RisezUp' interface is sweet, clean, simple and ever so easy to navigate

3. For countries outside of SE Asia, we invest a minimum of $100 per listing that spearheads the co-operative targeted advertising in your region. In addition, other awesome assets are our 'Talking Heads' marketing characters that highlight 'RisezUp' to potentially millions of consumers.

4. Now all you need to do is include an exclusive promo in your 'RisezUp' listing (in addition to your text & pics) and we'll change your promo up to 2x per month at absolutely no charge.

5. And finally, we put the 'icing on the cake' by placing you on your chosen 'RisezUp' platform for 12 Months for the cost of just 1 Month however, this offer is only available to the first 10,000 businesses in any country 

Use any of the methods below to contact us with any queries - We'll answer in 60 minutes or less if your contact is via email.

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Whilst using the contact form above is for sure  the fastest way to contact us, but you may also choose to request a meeting, click to call us in the Philippines or, call us in Australia.   

We're here to help you in the fastest way possible!

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 Watch RisezUp's Live Band Video. 

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| What people are saying about RisezUp |

Leonard Prince - Marketing Research Consultants UK

In my 40 years of marketing, RisezUp is not only right for the times, it's one of the most genius strategies I've seen.  It enables businesses to garner more business from virtually anywhere, not only from within each province or city.

Greg Evans - Australasian Group - Networked Consulting

What's too hard to understand about RisezUp?   It's more than affordable, the marketing shoots out out like a comet, & it can be  utilized either on it's own or with SM & other media!    Brilliant!

Jacob . J - Managing Director - Taj Global Philippines

They've taken advantage of the comfort zone people now have with being online, QR Codes, and bringing sensibility to online  & below-the-line advertising due to the pandemic.

David Murphy CEO - RCA Venture Capital - Australia

RisezUp Is a pack up and take anywhere concept.   Actually, I can think of no business or category of business that could not utilize this concept.   It suits cluster & singular advertising with a fantastic marketing and even a mystical twist. 

Colin Meyers - Managing Director - GRN Insurance Thailand

Lateral thinking at it's best.  Taking positives from the pandemic, they've molded a strategy that should be irresistible to businesses of any size.  Whilst it can combo with so many other mediums like SM, it has the ability to be a real alternative to some of today's familiar advertising platforms. 

Shane Leibich - Freelance Consultant - Maclean Financial

I talk to many business in the financial world and the top question is always, how & where to advertise that won't cost an arm and a leg, but, has the potential to get good inquiries.   RisezUp, in my opinion has to be one of the best advertising alternatives around by far.  

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